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If porn were the regular movies, the ones with popcorn and overpriced tickets, Brazzers would be the blockbuster summer line-up of new releases set to smash all box office records and spark online fandoms for the ages. With a slick and colorful style that's often closer to hentai than erotica, Brazzers brings you the weirdest and wildest sex scenes imaginable. In fact, Brazzers is so good at creating hardcore mini-epics it's you might just spend as much time watching the plots and action scenes as the sex itself.

Brazzers Network REVIEW

Brazzers Network Exclusive Deal reviewed by SilkenGirl.

There are so many adult networks online these days that it can start to feel like they're really all hosting the same content and just throwing a different name on the header. An endless stream of stale old scenes just going through the motions is far from what you get with legendary network Brazzers, however. With 34 websites focusing on different sex acts, taboo situations, and Big Tits - lots and lots of Big Tits! Brazzers has something for almost everyone. Wacky characters fill the Brazzers daily update schedule more and more these days and recent scenes have featured political parodies, hardcore takes on major TV dramas and movies, and even one starring a pocket monster hunter who finds and fucks a sexy trio of magical critters.

Like its high production values, special effects, and location shoots suggest, Brazzers is big-budget porn done with creativity, sexiness and fun as the goal. The models seem to be about half young, slim girls and fuller-figured mature women. When these types star together, with or without a man, things heat up more interesting positions and activities taking place. The Brazzers model index gives you details on your favorite performers and even shows small preview shots of their latest scene directly under the name and portrait. This way you can quickly log-in and scan the model page to see if your favorites have been up to anything exciting lately. It's just another of the neat tools Brazzers provides to make sure members enjoy every second they're here.

When viewing a selected video, you're again treated to some great features. Brazzers regularly adds slow-motion sequences into its scenes but also lets you jump around from one position to another or, for example, from Anal Fingering to Facial Cumshot, skipping the parts you're not interested in. It's a truly revolutionary approach to viewing online porn and nobody does it quite like Brazzers. Members can stream or download the HD videos and, when it comes to photos, both online viewing and downloads are available there too. Resolutions are high and images pack plenty of visual impact.

Even though Brazzers already has more than 7000 videos and photo sets ready for viewing, two more are added each day. Updates don't fall totally evenly to each Brazzers site but there's a good mix of concepts, models, and sex acts every month. Sites focusing on anal sex and big breasted women take up a lot of the Brazzers schedule but other sites like the lesbian Hot & Mean, Doctor Adventures, Real Wife Stories, and Dirty Masseur make sure there's always a variety. Every site and mini-series - Brazzers just wrapped its 14th, a four-part political parody called Erection 2016 - is given the signature Brazzers treatment. It's almost like the horniest twenty-two year old guy in town was handed the keys to a major motion picture studio: it'd be sexy babes, big explosions, and epic space battles forever! The sex is similarly wild and probably not a good fit for couples seeking some romantic viewing. Brazzers is aimed at guys how love the kinds of women that leave you speechless and fuck you senseless.


Not everyone likes the big-budget action blockbusters that inspire Brazzers' style. If you're looking for soft lighting, genuine passion, and romantic scenes of tender lovemaking, Brazzers is almost the complete opposite.


Brazzers' very popular porn is sexually, creatively, and visually colorful, making it one of the most fun networks around. Loaded with parody movies that take pop culture icons and turn them totally sexual, as well as its usual hardcore encounters that take place in more normal situations, the huge Brazzers network makes you wish people would stop paying so much attention to the Oscars and instead see what kinds of awesome creative projects and being realized at Brazzers, and all for the home porn viewer.

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