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POVD is taking porn somewhere it has never been before and is reinventing how the audio in porn videos works. Up until now the audio in scenes has been pretty straight forward and in stereo. POVD records their audio in 3D. This allows you to hear every sound as if you were right there in the room. When matched with some incredible 4K HD and shot in Point of View style it makes for one of the most realistic, incredible experiences you can have. The sex here is explosive! POVD brings in the hottest babes and lets them have all the fun they could ever want. In the heat of the moment when the girl starts talking dirty to you as you fuck her, the audio will blow your mind! You will swear she is right there talking to you. The sounds of sex also really come alive. Hear all the detail as oiled up skin slides, balls slap against asses and clits, and babes slurp on intense blowjobs like never before. Half of what makes a porn video good is having great audio and POVD has out of control audio quality. The videos can be watched online or downloaded. Slip on your headphone, unzip, and let the smoking hot babes of POVD whisper dirty things to you as they get their brains fucked out and love every second of it.