Digital Playground knows that sex is fun and should be a good time so they keep that as the focus of their high quality, often big budget, movies. Instead of different sites, Digital Playground offers you different series you can follow. Think TV series only here everyone gets naked and fucks. There are some series that are like reality shows and others that have a supernatural twist to them. By far, Digital Playgrounds biggest collection of movies and series is their parody series. They lampoon everyone from Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia to GLOW to The Punisher and many more. There is cosplaying, movie parodies, and many TV show parodies. The costumes and sets in these parodies look great, the scenes are fun, often funny, and erotic as hell. Some of these parody movies have become viral hits and others are undiscovered gems. These movies are shot in HD and look amazing. The video quality is second to none and you can watch the movies online or download them. This site features only exclusive content and updates every few days with new stuff. The site has some cool extras like behind the scenes videos, bloopers, a model directory, and a forum that allows you to talk to the site owners. Hell, if you suggest something cool, they might even make your idea become a reality. If you like porn parodies, you must see Digital Playground.

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